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Efficient fuel theft prevention in combination with remote tank level monitoring, fleet management, artificial intelligence, predictive tank refilling and real-time vehicle refuelling information

Remote Tank Monitoring AI Cipacto Sender Receiver Unit SRU Sensors

Cipacto takes wireless, end2-end2 digital remote tank monitoring to new heights with the power of artificial intelligence. Our innovative, integrated system combines robust hardware and intelligent software to provide real-time tank level monitoring, fuel theft prevention, and sustainable usage of environmentally relevant liquids such as diesel, oil, AdBlue, water, and hydrogen.

With Cipacto, you can connect your business requirements with an eco-friendly, sustainable approach, ensuring efficient and secure management of your liquid infrastructure. Experience the power of connected access control and remote tank monitoring.

Cipacto monitors all aspects of  your own, non-public mobile tanks and filling stations and connects them with your corresponding vehicles, machines, and users. However, based on our state-of-the-art technology, Cipacto is able to integrate also all activities at public filling stations via the tank cards that your company is using. This provides a unique 360-degree insight that any company should have if you want

Our key component for an integrated business-relevant remote tank monitoring systen is named Sender-Receiver-Unit (SRU), a high-end microcontroller based on state-of the-art embedded technology that connects with digital filling level sensors, flowmeters and additional measurements crucial to any relevant business information.

Well, yes, you obviously also need the Cipacto App to make it work. But that is an integral part of our remote tank monitoring system.

The SRU checks authorisations of user and vehicle or machine, records all information starting with the established connection, connects the Cipacto App with the filling level sensor, flowmeter and additional sensors according to tank and

So, far beyond the odd remote tank level monitoring, which covers only a pretty small part concerning business requirements for monitoring the sustainable usage of environmentally relevant liquids, Cipacto provides insight into all relevant aspects that reduce operating costs, fuel and other liquids consumption, and carbon emissions.

Cipacto monitors all mobile and stationary tanks with a volume ranging from 200 to 50.000 litres, irrelevant of make, material or substance, all vehicles and machines, all users. Beyond that, Cipacto monitors the usage of all your vehicles and machines at public filling stations, too, based on your companie´s tank card. And quite a few things beyond that, too. Not to speak of predictive information when a tank ought be refilled based on artificial intelligence.

Pricing: To make things easy for you: Is Cipacto the cheapest solution that you can find on the market? Nope. If you are looking for something like that, please go to oillink, for example. But – just between you and me and more serious: Is Cipacto the most efficient and best business-relevant, intelligent remote tank monitoring system that you can find for your business?

Yes, we think Cipacto is without any doubt the best intelligent and integrated, digital remote tank monitoring and fleet management system that you can find for your business.

Cipacto remote tank monitoring @Cipacto – a glimpse 

Here are some key information about the Cipacto hardware.


No internet access required

Communication between App and SRU works without internet. Tanks can be accessed without temporary or constant internet connection.

Sender Receiver Unit (SRU)

Microcontroller that connects the app with the tank to allow refuelling.  The SRU is connected, too, with all sensors and transmits all refuelling data via app to the database.

Filling Level Sensors

In order to provide precise tank filling level information, we use sensors with capacitive or pressure technology.


Every tank is equipped with a digitised flowmeter that measures precisely the refuelling amount. It is displayed to the user and sent to the database.

Vehicle and Machine Identification

Devices must be authorised via CAP and equipped with an identifier. Authentification is established via App and NFC or BLE technology.


All hardware is designed to require a minimum to no maintenance.

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