Fuel Theft Prevention and secure tank access

The Cipacto App 

Tank user and vehicle authorisation with Cipacto App
Mobile tank access and fuel theft prevention with Cipacto App

User and vehicle identification for efficient fuel theft prevention

The Cipacto App requires user and vehicle authorisation, respectively, in order to provide easy refuelling permission. The user logs into the app, then connects manually or automatocally with the vehicle or machine via beacon or NFC tag connection.

When a tank is within reach, the app connects with the Cipacto microcontroller Sender Receiver Unit (SRU) which is located at the tank. If the authorisations are confirmed, the SRU unlocks the tank pump and the user can start refuelling.

Additional requirements to allow refuelling, e.g. entry of mileage or  operating hour, can optionally be integrated.

All refuelling data are sent to the app and then transmitted to the Cipacto database. If an internet connection is locally or temporarily unavailable, the data remain stored in the app and transmitted when an internet connection is established again.

When the refuelling process has ended, the app displays the key refuelling information.

App key information

Some key information about the Cipacto App.

Access Control

The App is required to allow refuelling. It can be donwloaded via the Google Playstore (Apple store in preparation).

Permissions and roles

Whatever the App does (or does not): All permissions and functionalities are managed via CAP.

Vehicle Assignment

Based on the according permissions, a user assigns vehicles and machine identification via the App.


The App can be downloaded via Google Playstore (Apple App Store in preparation).

Operative Systems

The Cipacto App works on Android (version 9ff) and iOS.

Ease of Use

The App is pragmatic, user-oriented and very easy to use. 

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