Tank, Fleet, and User Management

Administration of mobile and stationary tanks, filling stations, vehicles, machines, and user, customise rights and roles. Real-time information of all tank filling and refuelling activities. Automative alerts on unusual activities, tank filling alerts and predictive analyses.

Tank Management - Cipacto Application Platform CAP

Tank management, fleet management, user management:
Cipacto Application Platform

Cipacto tank management connects tank, fleet and user monitoring, informs users about unusual behaviour and converts real-time data into predictive information.

Cipacto remote tank monitoring is based on a fully integrated tank, fleet and user management. Our web-based Cipacto Application Platform CAP provides an elaborate rights and roles system, where every permission for users, vehicles and machines, and tanks can be set and edited individually.

CAP offers multi-lingual and multi-client capability and an elaborate rights and role system. It connects with the Cipacto App. All refuelling and tank refilling data can be seen and analysed on every level. Real-time data are converted into predictive information via artifical intelligence

Our open application interfaces allows the integration of basically every standard and non-standard software.

CAP Key Benefits

Here are some key information about CAP

Web based

CAP is a web based application for administration and detailed information that provides access wherever you are, at any time.

Permissions and rights

Set and manage administrative and functional permissions on company and on individual level.

Add and manage everything

Via CAP you add and edit users, vehicles and machines or other devices, and tanks to your system.


CAP provides instantaneous information about liquid consumption over time, current filling levels, and consumption by tank, user, device, e.g.


The Analysis section provides in-depth- information concerning all refuelling and tank refilling activities.


Set indvidual tank refilling alerts. Information are sent via e-mail and SMS to assigned recipients. The alert shows in CAP, too.

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